We offer customized measurement systems and control system testing to enterprises in the energy sector.
We have delivered systems to small companies with niche products, as well as to the largest players in nuclear power. We take responsibility throughout the entire chain to deliver a complete solution.

Control system testing

The hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system is one of our areas of expertise used to test both software and hardware in control systems for nuclear or thermal power plants. We can test many events and several extremes that can be very difficult to address on site.

Automated measurements

We help you automate measurements that are performed manually today in your facilities. Aging setups are given new life by our software and hardware refurbishments. It could be mechanical measurements, electrical measurements or visual inspection with a camera. This can reduce downtime in your facilities during maintenance work and audit and help prevent mistakes. We analyze the market for available products and develop customized solutions where no solutions are available today.

Some examples of what we have delivered are automated measurement systems for nuclear fuel rods and energy consumption.