Carin Kuylenstierna elected to DVel AB’s board
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01 April, 2021

Karin Hellqvist is welcoming Carin Kuylenstierna as a new board member, as part of DVel’s ambition to continue the growth journey with a focus on profitability.

Carin has a background in strategy and business development in medtech and shipping, in both operational roles and as a consultant. Among other things, she had global responsibility for a software division at Getinge. She has extensive experience of working in the interface between hardware and software and transforming customer offerings from products to solutions.

“I feel very happy welcoming Carin to our board, as our first external board member. Carin will complement us with her knowledge in business development, market analysis and financial management. I’m looking forward to bringing DVel to the next level, now that we will receive input from a different perspective.”

Karin Hellqvist

Chair, DVel (to the left)

“When I first got to know DVel, what struck me was the high-level expertise and quality focus, combined with the importance of employee satisfaction. DVel operates in an area that is highly specialized and requires deep technical knowledge, at the same time as the value of their solutions reaches far beyond the technical delivery. I am very honored to be a part of helping DVel take the next step in their growth journey.”

Carin Kuylenstierna

New board member (to the right)

Riki Virc