What are your test and measurement needs?

Electronics, mechanics, visual inspection, simulations… The need when testing hardware can be very different. We help you with testing your hardware and designing your measurements. We develop automated test systems and test rigs to improve your product quality. You can rely on our expertise and many years of experience.

We provide customized measurements for unique products.

  • Electronics measurements and tests
  • Mechanical measurements
  • Optical measurements
  • Electrical measurements
  • Control system tests
  • Machine Vision
  • Conductivity and Flow measurements
  • Sensors

To help you in the best possible way we make sure you get the accuracy you need and the correct calibration interval. We also make sure you get repeatability in your measurements and traceability for your test results.

Machines and products consisting of both software and hardware need a combination of tests based on measurements and software tests. We have long experience in developing automated test systems for that type of products. Our specialists in system integration can help you find the instruments needed and integrate these in a system that meets your needs.