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22 September, 2021

Our CEO Riki Virc has been interviewed in ElektronikTidningen. The article is part of their latest magazine with a focus on tests and measurements.

Our recipe for success has been to offer a combination of both consulting services and to develop complete test systems. Seven of our colleagues are PhDs in physics and biomedical technology, which gives us a deep knowledge of measurement technology.

Our business concept is the same as it was in the start, to develop complete test rigs with hardware and software and to help customers on site. The distribution, on the other hand, depends a bit on current assignments. At the moment it is 70/30, where consulting services account for the majority.

To read more about our story, read the whole article here.

“One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we have seven PhDs in physics, electrical measurement technology and biomedical technology. We know what we are measuring and how it should be done in the best way.”

Riki Virc


Riki Virc