Test & Measurement Systems

What is T&M Systems?

A test system can help you with automated testing of your hardware product, which is often beneficial compared to manual testing. A test system can perform mechanical testing, functional testing, electrical testing or testing of any kind of physical property.

Instruments and sensors are integrated into a test system solution, which often also includes actuators, control units and mechanical fixtures. Essentially, a test and measurement system includes both hardware and software, all in one package!

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Benefits with T&M Systems

Quality Assurance

Automated testing results in a larger test coverage and operator independent tests, which in turn leads to better and more robust products.

Cost Efficiency

Finding issues early in the development process, as well as in the production, saves time and money. 


Evaluating new concepts requires reliable measurements. Statistically significant amounts of data are also important for accurate conclusions.

Our services

We develop test systems designed for your needs and specific technology. With our long experience and extensive expertise, we can provide solutions for any industry. Contact us to find out more!

Test Rigs

Robust and scalable
turnkey test systems

PCB Test Systems

Electronics production
test systems

Machine Vision

Non-intrusive quality
assurance for production

Measurement Systems

Flexible and reliable

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