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DVel is currently southern Sweden’s foremost test and measurement specialists and we deliver reliable and efficient systems to many industries. With our base at Ideon Science Park in Lund, we aim to grow continuously to reach a position as the leading specialists in test and measurement systems in Sweden.

Through measurement systems and sensor applications, we generate reliable data for our customers, enabling innovations. We want our customers to share all their challenges around testing and measuring with us. We are a reliable partner that our customers can trust and continue doing business with, over and over again.

Our history

DVel was founded in 2012 by Riki Virc, Martin Peeker and Karin Hellqvist. Since 2023, DVel is a part of Prevas. We grew out of a desire to create a company with extremely knowledgeable consultants and thus give the market a stable and competent supplier of specialists in test and measurement systems. A lot has happened since then and today we have a large customer base who trust our expertise and competence.

Our values are commitment, skill, trust, openness, and cooperation. These values permeate everything we do at DVel, who we are, and what we deliver.

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