Boosting efforts on Green clients
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03 May, 2023

“I was working for a long time with solar cell development and industrialization. It is highly motivating to again get to focus on sustainable solutions for the environment!”

Linus Amoli

Sales Manager, DVel

Our goal is to have a minimum 40% of our turnover from green clients – companies that develop technical solutions to environmental problems. 
The UN has established sustainability goals that have financial, social or environmental targets. It can be argued that the global trend is particularly distressing for the environmental targets, with global warming, biodiversity reduction, excessive fishing and fresh-water decline showing few signs of reducing pace. Simultaneously, a plethora of technical solutions have been thoroughly researched and documented that can help us tackle the environmental challenges, but they generally need to be upscaled and would benefit from improved performance. DVel has proficiency in the fields of test automation, measurement technology and data analysis; all essential pieces to boost innovation, lower the price for the end consumer and ensure quality. We are determined to contribute to a more sustainable world by using our expertise to support the companies who continuously endeavour to implement solutions to our big environmental problems.  

We will intensify our collaborations during this year with clients who produce energy saving solutions such as heat pumps, companies that aid electrification, producers of sustainable energy sources such as solar cells and organizations that tackle recycling and the access to clean water.

Linus Amoli

Sales Manager