Test rigs

We deliver turnkey test rigs to a wide range of industries. Our test rigs can test entire products or investigate specific parts of a product or component. A test rig can be used in an R&D department or in a production environment. We work with mechanical testing, electronic testing, function testing, automated visual inspection and simulated testing.

We develop the requirement specifications together with you and give feedback on a regular basis to ensure the delivered system is exactly what you want.

The test rigs we create are based on years of experience, and components verified in previous systems. The architecture we use has been tested repeatedly and is adapted during the design phase to suit the needs of the new rig.


At the beginning of a project we go to the drawing board and evaluate the test rig concept. We produce a draft concept together with you and weigh several technical ideas against each other to find the solution best suited for your needs. It’s a creative process where we often bring together several of our experts in different areas to produce a wide variety of possible solutions.

The current market is investigated in order to search for any solution that can be directly integrated. If this is not the case, we work from the requirements to find suitable sensors and actuators that we can develop the system around.
We always look for the most cost-effective solution for you, spending time and effort on the things that are unique for your testing needs.

Mechanical and electrical solutions

Our expertise is complemented by a network of partners to resolve the most varied issues. Together we solve the design and manufacture of mechanical and electrical solutions, plan and conduct electrical wiring and program control systems for the test rig.

Automatic control engineering solutions

Different test rigs require automatic control solutions of varying complexity. Finding a suitable level for the particular rig is important.

We supply systems for controlling everything from motors and flows to customized measurement equipment.

Robust yet flexible systems

The requirements for test systems used in production are different from those used in product development. Robustness and reliability have high priority in production, while flexibility is often prioritized higher for test systems for R&D departments. We build robust systems by using a stable hardware platform and well tested software development models. Using a modular approach, we build robust yet flexible systems both for hardware and software.


An excellent operator interface is an important part of the rigs we deliver. It applies to screen interfaces as well as physical interfaces with buttons, knobs and lights.

Instructions should be intuitive and error messages should be clear. We reduce the risk of operator errors by carefully considering the placement of controls and buttons. Our engineers involve the operators already in the design phase in order to ensure a superior user experience.

Get involved

We like our customers to be involved in the whole process of developing a test rig. We plan several meetings for technical discussions and project follow-up. We make sure to always keep you in the loop so that you can influence the solution if circumstances change. It is important you get the system that you have envisioned.





Contact Riki Virc: 0733-856910, riki.virc@dvel.se