Test Automation To Improve Products At Domino
Case Studies - Validation Lead

Domino Print & Apply AB delivers complete solutions for automated printing and application of labels for industrial applications. They are one of the market leading companies through their wide range of standard units and the ability to deliver customized units.

A structured way of testing

Domino had developed their product over decades, improving it using feedback from customers. They had production testing in place to ensure product quality.

The need for structured testing also during product development arose when Domino decided to perform a major product revision and modernization.

Taking the test lead

A test expert from DVel started by analyzing the requirement specification and making a plan for what to test. The focus was on getting as good test coverage as possible while keeping deadlines with limited resources. In parallel with this, a framework for running automated tests was developed.

A test team was put together from a combination of Domino employees, new recruits and contractors. The team developed test cases, built a test rig and ran tests. Processes and document templates were derived to support the team.

“With the help of Dvel we have built up a test rig for automated test and established a foundation of testing for both automated and manual tests. The test rig was built modular to enable easy transitions for future projects. Working with Dvel was great, they were easy to work with and offered us their expertise in testing and technical solution for our measurement systems in the test rig.”

Aleksandar Stojkovic

Test Lead, Domino Print and Apply AB

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Test equipment and functionality

Some highlights of the tests and measurements performed by the automated test system were:

    • Visual inspection tests using camera and controlled lightning
    • Encoders for speed measurement
    • HIL (Hardware-In-the-Loop) test system for functionality and error handling tests
    • Various protocol tests
    • Long duration tests to ensure performance
    • Test sequencing for running tests on two printers in parallel

Automated tests combined with manual tests

A combination of automated and manual tests were used in order to meet project deadlines. Exploratory tests were also a good complement and were performed on the Human Machine Interfaces.


Handover of test system and test processes

A future test lead was employed by Domino during the course of the project. The different aspects of the developed test activities were handed over to the new test lead in order to get a good continuity in the test activities also after project closure.

“Since DVel came in, understanding of testing increased along with product and development quality. DVel has helped by challenging our developers to deliver quality from the start.”

Blerim Arifi

Technical Authority and Team Lead, Domino Print and Apply AB

Riki Virc