DVel has got two new core values

Engagement, Competence, Openness and Cooperation. Are our core values the right ones? Do they define who we are?

That’s the question we asked ourselves during our latest strategy work. We found out that indeed they are. But we also agreed that there was something missing. We went back to the reasons why we started DVel and found out that it came down to two new core values.

Freedom and Fellowship

These two values has been there all the time, it’s just that we haven’t put them down on paper.
One reason for this might be that Freedom and Fellowship applies mostly to our employees, whereas Engagement, Competence, Openness and Cooperation applies to both employees and our customers. That’s perhaps why we missed them.So now four turned into six. And we are very happy for that. You can read more about what our values stands for here (in Swedish).

Karin Hellqvist