DVel RIOimu

The DVel RIOimu is a National Instruments sbRIO IMU add on board. Keep track of motion and orientation as well as environmental parameters using high performance hardware that integrates easily with the NI CompactRIO Single-Board Controller. Software included, giving the possibility of out of the box functionality as well as extendability.


The DVel RIOimu platform offers a high performance and FPGA based reconfigurable motion measurement system. The device offers a large range of applications, one such is as a motion estimation algorithm development and evaluation system. Another out of the box application example is to use the device as a stand alone data logger attached to a machine for measuring and evaluating it’s dynamic performance during operation. Its high performance, small size and low power requirements enables battery powered operation over an extended period of time. The system is adapted for both local and distributed applications with connectivity that includes ethernet, RS232, CAN open, USB host.

NI LabVIEW FPGA based reconfigurability enables the scientist, engineer and researcher to program complex device setups such as custom triggering, multi range measurements, threshold detection and so on. The FPGA bit-files can be replaced during runtime, enabling complex state based FPGA personality changes. The device ships with a full source code repository, including examples, with support for LabVIEW and Python. For custom LabVIEW FPGA and RT programming, optional NI modules are required.

The RIOimu subsystems include four individual 9-axis IMU’s, one absolute pressure transducer, one differential pressure transducer, one humidity transducer, and multiple temperature transducers. The device also have a programmable onboard 3.3-15V 8A DC/DC power supply for driving external sensors and actuators. In addition to its on-board sensors there are several general purpose 3.3V-5V (programmable) DIO which can be programmed for communicating with external encoders, sensors and actuators using PWM and bus protocols such as UART, SPI and I2C.

Read more about the CompactRIO Single-Board Controller at National Instruments.

Key performance highlights

  • Four Invensense MPU-9250 IMU’s with 16-bit resolution
  • ± 2000 degress/s rate gyroscopes at 8kHz max update rate
  • ±16 g accelerometers at 500Hz max update rate
  • ± 4000 uT magnetometers at 100Hz max update rate
  • A 12-bit 1000Hz Honeywell absolute pressure (air) transducer 0-15 psi
  • A 12-bit 1000Hz Honeywell differential pressure (air) transducer ±1 psi
  • A 14-bit 1000Hz Honeywell humidity transducer 0-100%
  • 24 3×8-group 20MHz bidirectional TTL/LVTTL DIO
  • 2x 3.3 or 5V 200mA output voltages
  • 1x 3.3V-15V 8A DC/DC power supply
  • EEPROM for storing nonvolatile parameters


The system have three shipping options:

  • Board only – €2700
  • Bundled with a sbRIO 9606 – €3700
  • Board, sbRIO bundled with a rugged machined aluminium enclosure DIN rail mount option – €4300

​Contact order@dvel.se for more information on shipping and pricing.