Sharing the knowledge

Before taking off on vacation I would like to summarize a spring of knowledge transfer at DVel. This is a key activity that is very important to us. Since many of us work at our customers sites, it’s important to meet and share our experiences on some occasions so that our colleagues can learn from and discuss our lessons learned.

The annual educational conference together with our partner Novator Solutions was this year held in Stockholm in May. Our new common partner Espotel was invited for the first day to share their knowledge on their Procket system. We spent time investigating their hardware solution as well as looking into the software architecture for their platform. The platform is developed in LabVIEW and TestStand. DVel’s part in future projects will be to develop test methods together with Espotel and the customers, software customization of the product and finding appropriate analysis methods. This introduction by Espotel made us feel well prepared for configuring Procket systems for the Swedish market.

Vision systems was another topic on the conference. Andrei Zagorodni, from Novator Solutions, held an interesting as well as entertaining presentation on his tips and tricks on vision system development in LabVIEW. Then Rickard Persäter, also from Novator Solutions, held a workshop where we were divided into groups solving different vision tasks using Vision Assistant.

Day two of the conference Roger Isaksson and Per Hedlund, both form DVel, shared their ideas on how to use the open source LabVIEW framework LabQt. It’s a modular framework easily reused in whole or in parts for new projects. The common idea of the audience was that there’s some work to get over the first hurdle when starting with LabQt, but this will be returned in saved time later on, especially for process control systems.

On one meeting in April, me and Martin Peeker shared some discussion topics we picked up at the CLA Summit at CERN, Geneva. We all talked about our personal ways of working and solving problems and the characteristics of the systems each one develop. It’s good to know that we are different with different approaches on solving problems. We discussed around what aspects are most important to prioritize when starting a new software project. For this meeting we invited an old college of ours to get one more aspect into the discussion.

During the spring we have had sessions where DVel consultants has shared their projects and the challenges they’re facing at their assignments. This have given them good feedback on their architecture as well as ideas on how to solve problems. For the audience it’s great to hear what kind of systems our software development methods is used for. It gives ideas of new business areas to work in and new tools to use.

For the upcoming autumn we will continue with our knowledge sharing activities. If you feel interesting in attending one of our meeting we can arrange that. We are happy to share our knowledge between each other, with customers and with others. Just let us know.

By Karin Hellqvist