Machine Vision

Smart and reliable systems
for quality assurance in your production.

What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision systems are used for automatic inspection in the manufacturing industry. Using cameras to check dimensions and find defects are ways to ensure quality in production. Machine vision combines hardware with image processing software. 

Our automatic inspection systems are based not only on cameras, but on other optical measurements techniques as well. While sharing the benefits with cameras of being non-contact, these other techniques can help solve even more complex applications.


          • Dimensions
          • OCR and barcode scanning
          • 2D and 3D object recognition
          • Contour and roughness measurement
          • Classification and defect detection


                      • Mechanical and electrical
                      • Long duration and stress
                      • Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
                      • Inspection using camera or other optical sensors
                      • Flow, temperature, pressure and leakage
                      • Conductivity, humidity and many more…

Benefits with Machine Vision

Quality Assurance

Machine Vision systems are reliable and consistent. Your product quality will be improved compared to manual inspection.

Cost Efficiency

There are many reasons for automated inspection systems being cost-efficient. They are fast, save time and they enable automatic feedback to the production process. 

Industry 4.0

Test data can be gathered, enabling real-time process monitoring and visualization. Analysis and feedback to the production process is a step towards Industry 4.0. 

What we at DVel do

You will get a reliable and robust machine vision system from DVel that solves your task. As your partner in test and measurement systems, we deliver off-the-shelf systems for more common tasks as well as custom built systems for greater challenges. We make sure that the integration is smooth and that the system fulfills all your requirements

Our machine vision systems are a combination of hardware and software, both to be selected in the best ways. We work with different kinds of hardware as well as both traditional image analysis and AI computer vision using machine learning algorithms. 

Hardware for automatic inspection:

    • Cameras
    • Confocal probes
    • Interferometers
    • Laser triangulation, laser scanners and optical profilometers
    • A combination of techniques

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