DVel and Virinco partnership
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03 March, 2017

We are happy to announce that DVel and norwegian company Virinco has started a partnership. DVel will be point of contact for Virinco´s products WATS and SkyWATS in the Öresund region.

Recently DVel started a large test and measurement project for a customer where SkyWATS will be used to track all test data and suggest improvements to the tested products. More projects like these where DVel’s expertise in developing test, measurement and control systems will be integrated with Virinco´s data management tools and services are expected.

About DVel

Based in southern Sweden, we provide our clients with senior consultants who work with test and measurement solutions for a wide range of industries. Our consultants have numerous years of experience in test system development.


About Virinco

Virinco help standardize and automate manufacturing test and quality solutions, from soft- and hardware design to turnkey systems. WATS – our award winning “Test & Quality Data Management” product automates transformation of test- and repair data into real-time actionable information for the global value chain, through the web browser. SkyWATS.com – Connect with TestSTand or LabvIEW, store and analyze test data in the cloud.

Riki Virc