DVel 5 years!
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05 December, 2017

Today it’s DVel’s 5th birthday! Looking back it’s been a fun and sometimes challenging time since we registered DVel as a company in 121212, December 12th 2012. It feel like time just flies by. But looking back at this photo from when we took a sightseeing tour on segway around Malmö back in 2014, you realize that this is a while ago and a lot has happened since then. Back then it was six of us, and now we’re at 13 soon 14.

During the years we have had many projects that we really enjoyed, a lot of fun together and some hard deadlines to live up to. We think we have managed quite well in building our company the way we want it to be. A company with really high competence where we everyday have in mind that our employees should be in focus.

Looking forward we have a lot of plans for the coming year, so continue following us on our blogg to stay tuned.

/The three founders Riki, Martin and Karin

Riki Virc