PCB test systems

With the current uncertainty in the world, it’s good to take control of quality assurance for your products. One way to do so is to purchase your own test equipment for verification of your electronics. We develop systems according to your needs, and you can bring them with you to the manufacture you choose to work with.

Compact test equipment

DVel’s platform provides robust and scalable test systems for electronic devices. By use of a customized test PCB, our system becomes very compact, eliminates the need for long wires and makes the system more cost efficient.   

Customized functional test system

The solution is customized to your needs to make sure all you requirements are met.

Close cooperation with you

One of our cornerstones is working in close cooperation with our customers. During development we do electronics measurements and test your PCB and provide feedback with suggestions for improvements.

Short time to market

We have developed a concept for delivering PCB test systems quickly and with high quality.





Contact Riki Virc: 0733-856910, riki.virc@dvel.se 


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