Hardware Test Engineer

Validation and verification of
your products, with a test and measurement specialist.


What is a Hardware Test Engineer?

A hardware test engineer has knowledge in both hardware and software. Most of our engineers have a solid background in physics, electronics and mechanics. Combined with experience in test methodology, it enables them to design and implement the tests needed for your product.

With good knowledge in measurement fundamentals, programming skills, and a bit of creativity, a hardware test engineer will be able to design tests for all product aspects.


                • Design tests
                • Automate tests
                • Integrate instruments and sensors


                      • Mechanical and electrical
                      • Long duration and stress
                      • Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
                      • Inspection using camera or other optical sensors
                      • Flow, temperature, pressure and leakage
                      • Conductivity, humidity and many more…

Benefits with a Hardware Test Engineer

Quality Assurance

A specialized test engineer will prioritize and put effort where it has the highest impact. Ensuring the most critical, as well as the most complex, parts of the device to test, is crucial in quality assurance. 

Cost Efficiency

The earlier design issues are found when developing products, the easier they are to fix. Issues still there when reaching the market will be costly.

Time to Market

Testing in parallel with product development enables early testing, reducing the risk of finding critical issues late.

What we at DVel do

DVel’s test engineers are specialized in developing automated tests as well as drivers and communication protocols. We have many years of experience in developing test rigs and automated test systems, for a vast variety of industries and applications.

We use best practices in all aspects of hardware testing; from sampling data, selecting platforms and instruments to analyzing data, and bringing it back to the development team. We will help you throughout the process and make sure that the end product meets your requirements.


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