Consulting Services & Expertise

What is our Consulting
Services & Expertise?

Strengthening a team in a project or adding expertise in a new area are common reasons to bring in a consultant. Our consultants can help you with any task related to testing, validation, and measurements.

We want to help you reach your goals by offering individuals that are committed and that will bring that little extra to your organization. 

Benefits with our Consulting Services & Expertise

Quality Assurance

Expertise in quality assurance and testing will result in better products. Potential faults will be found earlier, making it easier to have them fixed.

Cost Efficiency

Automated tests save a lot of time compared to manual tests. Making sure the right tests are performed, at the right time, saves you both time and resources.


Reliable data is a cornerstone in innovation. A test and measurement specialist will provide this, enabling you to focus on your innovation.

Our Services

We bring knowledge and experience to you. It can be to strengthen your team or in assignments when you are in need of specific expertise. We are flexible and adjustable to suit your needs.

Our experienced consultants will smoothly guide you through the process and make sure that you get what you need and require.  

Test System Architects

Designs your
test automation

Measurement Specialists

Scientific expertise in
measurement technology

LabVIEW Experts

Certified developers
and architects

Hardware Test Engineer

Hardware, software and
science in combination

Validation Lead

Leading quality

Data Scientists

Enable innovation for
and control systems

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