Servotek – Measuring alcohol intoxication
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Servotek is a company just outside Malmö in southern Sweden with a history of innovation. The company has always been involved with the MedTech industry and developed the first servo ventilators some 40 years ago. Nowadays they focus on measuring exhaled gases, with the primary product being a breathalyzer for alcohol intoxication screening, with unprecedented accuracy, speed and ease of use.

DVel has worked together with Servotek developing the software for this product. It has been a very exciting project with requirements on mathematical algorithms, system versatility, reliability and user friendliness among others. The assignment has included reverse engineering of prototype spaghetti code, identifying use cases, from there defining system requirements and moving on to system analysis and design and later implementation. Along the way software development processes and code guidelines has been defined for Servotek.

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The resulting product, the TGS, is used by Swedish transport companies as an alternative to having alcolocks installed in each vehicle. It is also being used for screening drivers of vehicles coming off overnight ferries in a pilot system in Gothenburg harbour. The system has been a great success and politicians agree on this being a good solution for reducing drunk driving.

The system Servotek and DVel developed runs LabVIEW on a Linux platform. The SW design is object oriented and currently consist of around 90 classes. Read our case study on