“Employees should feel the satisfaction and added value of working at DVel. Everyone should have fun at DVel. This is a priority for us. “

From DVel’s Ownership Directive

What we mean by this is that a large part of why we work is to be a really good employer. We are a co-worker focused company.

Challenges and followship

We value skills highly, and we understand the importance of offering our co-workers challenges. At the same time, you are not alone because fellowship and cooperation are important to us.

We want to foster a corporate culture where you have freedom to exchange ideas and experiences with your colleagues. You will work with the industry’s best consultants and together develop systems for the region’s leading technology companies.

We place great importance on co-worker freedom and influence. This means working with us provides many more opportunities than a traditional workplace.

Our salary model

You decide.

The time you work for our customers or internally produces revenue to your Project Pot. You can manage it how you like. Salary, retirement, vacation, wellness, phone and other equipment you need – you decide everything yourself.

It’s a bit like running your own business in a large company. We help you with the practicalities of managing your project pot, so don’t worry about that. Our salary model is not commission-based, just variable. We want to provide security for you while offering great flexibility.

We love this system and the freedom it provides. Our experience says that this model often means we prioritize extra holidays over higher pay, but you do as you like.

“What I like about DVel’s salary model is the freedom to decide between work and leisure. Of course, it depends on what the assignment/project requires but still gives me great responsibility to plan my activities. Having a project pot to dispose of means I can decide which conferences I want to go to, I can choose computer, phone, pension and insurance. I use my healthcare allowance for gym cards and other activities that I want to do.”

/ Stefan Davidsson, Consultant at DVel


We offer our co-workers a chance to be partners in the business. We believe that employees feel more involved and committed by being part of our company as an owner. Transparency is important to us at all levels in how we operate.

We’d love to talk more about these things, so get in touch to hear more.