Values and culture

Our values are commitment, skill, community, freedom, openness and cooperation. These keywords run through everything we do, who we are, and what we deliver.

Our co-workers, who deliver their skills and experience to our customers are by far the largest asset we have. It is important for us to have extremely knowledgeable co-workers, who not only deliver as expected but also help our customers to develop.


We commit to each other’s challenges, our customers and DVel. We discuss our technical challenges and how to best solve them. It is this commitment that makes us grow as people and as a company.


We are experts. Our missions are challenging and rewarding. Regular field studies and exchange of knowledge between colleagues boost our skill levels even further.


Working at DVel is fun. As well as exciting work, we spice up our working life with conferences and activities, such as skiing, hiking, restaurant visits and Stand Up Paddling under the Öresund Bridge. We hope our positive spirit rubs off on our customers.


Freedom comes with responsibility. Our co-workers influence their working hours, where they work and how they want to divid between salary, pension, vacation and much more. This goes hand in hand with our salary model. We believe that freedom gives more motivated employees.


We are open and honest with each other, our customers and our suppliers. We are open to new ideas and share our challenges.


We help each other. Together we share knowledge and make time for each other. Every other week we have a DVel-day, when we spend time together in the office.

Team DVel

DVel has its own team. Just now it’s mountain biking. DVel has been proud sponsors of the X-Cup since 2016. Team DVel has also competed in the Swedish Vasaloppet race for cyclists several times.

Many of our consultants like physical activity and challenges outside work. Some of us compete while others cycle home together from work. We think a healthy life is important and want to increase motivation and community spirit.

We welcome more sports under the Team DVel flag. What we do is shaped by our consultants. Don’t be surprised if our logo appears on a running track, on a kayak or on a race track.