PCB Test System details

DVel PCB Test Solution Diagram

We have developed a concept for delivering PCB test systems quickly and with high quality.We develop mechanics, electronics, instruments and software in accordance with known principles. Our platform provides robust and scalable test systems for electronic devices.

Feedback on your design

We help write the test plan for your electronic circuit board. As we get to know your product, we recommend which tests you should perform, and detail these in test specifications. If we come into the project early in the development phase, we analyze the board’s design from a testability perspective. Based on test specifications and the PCB layout we then develop the test system.

Customized test PCB

We develop a customized test PCB that adds customer-specific solutions. For example, muxes, microampere measurements, different interfaces or anything specific to your product.

The PCB is then connected to an sbRIO from National Instruments. There are digital and analog I/O, a real-time processor and a configurable FPGA device on the sbRIO board. The real-time system and FPGA are configured to meet your specific requirements.

Fixtures and integrated instruments

For the mechanical solution we use a fitted fixture from a subcontractor. It is easy to order more fixtures with short delivery times.

We use no twisted wires in our solution. Instead we use “wireless probes”, i.e. double-resilient needles, which are printed on the PCB to be tested and on the test PCB we provide.

Various instruments can be integrated, such as a digital LED analyzer to detect that lights on the board illuminate properly. Other parts may be a customer-specific programmer for your board or computer on-site at the test system, all to fulfill testing of your PCBs.

Customized software

Our software has a thorough architecture and can easily be customized to suit your PCB. Driver development, test cases and test execution are performed in parallel with the development of the test PCB and development of the hardware solution.

We take responsibility for writing operator manuals, performing CE marking and writing calibration instructions.

Measurement System Analysis

During development and commissioning of the test equipment, we test your PCB and provide feedback with suggestions for improvements in your electronics design, software or in the test system.

This is an iterative process usually performed together with you. As part of ensuring the quality of the test system, we perform a Measurement System Analysis (MSA). In this way we can verify that the measurement methods, components and instruments chosen are adequate for the verification of your PCB.

Close cooperation with you

One of our cornerstones is working in close cooperation with our customers. Most of our projects include at least two of our engineers, which gives customers continuity. Our project teams work closely together with you and you will own all parts of the delivered system including the developed software source code.





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