Measurement specialists

Our engineers and PhDs have a unique combination of knowledge within measurement technology.
Our knowledge ranges from laser diagnostics, acoustics, optics and image processing to radio measurements and PCB testing, which means we can help you with your most complex measurement needs.

In some cases it may be an advantage to combine different measurement techniques. We have the knowledge and routine of evaluating instruments, sensors and other measuring components. We combine our expertise with you to offer a unique skill set to solve the most challenging measurement problems.

Measurement methods with lasers and optronics

Some of our consultants are specialists in non-invasive measurements, spectroscopy, optics, optronics and lasers. They are used to a mix of practical and theoretical factors such as working in the laboratory, quickly understanding theories and specifications, designing optical solutions and communicating with suppliers. An example is a project for designing and developing a customized spectrometer for diagnosing internal combustion engines.

Machine Vision

Print quality, tree debarking, verifying packaging and ion accelerators are examples of applications where we have used Machine Vision.

Important parts of building a vision system are choice of camera, optics and lighting. What resolution is needed to distinguish the features in the image to be verified? How should the image be calibrated in relation to perspective and background light? Should the background light be shielded, or would a band pass filter be sufficient?

The choice of camera and lighting is very important to get good picture quality. It is a prerequisite for image processing to produce good results. We have experience in image processing in LabVIEW Vision and in MATLAB.


We integrate different types of sensors in several of the test rigs we build. There are often sensors for pressure, temperature, flow and level for process systems. For testing machines there may be encoders, leakage gauges and optical sensors. In more specialized solutions we have used sensors for radiation, conductivity and different types of chemical sensors. This has given us knowledge that enables us to help with the selection of sensors for your products or prototypes. We have assignments where we work on evaluating different types of sensors for integration into your products.


Many of us have worked with electrical measurements of mixed signal and radio circuits, where we have developed measurement methods for authenticating prototypes. Hundreds of parameters such as clock frequency, signal power and noise can be measured on a single circuit.

Our consultants can easily manage instruments and other equipment used for the various measurements, as well as integrate them into automated measurement systems.

Materials Analysis

We have experience in evaluating different surface structures and in exploring different phenomena that can occur in materials under stress. Our consultants are used to taking responsibility for finding the creative solutions needed. They can do everything from setting up lab equipment to using image processing on images taken with microscopes.

Nuclear Physics

We have specialists in nuclear physics measurements and development of radioactivity detectors. We have developed systems in research and for use in industry.

Mechanical measurements

Mechanical measurements are often used for functional testing as well as accelerated lifetime tests. We have experience in building test rigs for measurements including torque, pressure and strain. We test mechanical performance parameters like speed, acceleration and wear.

Measurement accuracy, repeatability and calibration

We always take the accuracy, resolution and repeatability into consideration when designing a measurement or test system. What uncertainty can we accept when determining if a test falls within the tolerance interval? What resolution is required in order to be able to detect a change in the signal? These are questions that impact the choice of measuring equipment, the control of external circumstances and how measurement is to be performed.

Calibration of measuring equipment is important, and customized calibration routines may be required when working with custom-made solutions.

Data processing

Data processing in both MATLAB, LabVIEW and Python is something we often work with. One example is the generation of an algorithm to process data from custom-built measurement equipment for analysis of an ion beam. Another is advanced image processing on images taken with electron microscopes to distinguish different surface structures.

Also the control of signals to different instruments and signal generators requires data processing. Examples of this are ultrasound control for microfluidics and control of radio signals for ASIC verification. Data is often collected at very high sampling rates, which demands knowledge on data retrieval, data storage and electrical interference.

Customized measuring instruments

There are a wide range of instruments for different types of measurements. It can be hard to find what you need. We help you find the instrument you need or build a new one based on your unique requirements.

A customized instrument can be anything from an assembly of off-the-shelf instruments to the design and development of a new concept consisting of sensors, customized electronics and software.