Measurement Specialist

Combining science with technology
to solve your measurement challenges

What is a Measurement Specialist?

There are a wide variety of sensors and instruments on the market enabling you to do many things. This large selection can sometimes be hard to navigate. Are there solutions to solve what you want to do, and which solution is then the best? A measurement specialist can help sort out what to measure and how to do it

Our engineers and PhDs have a unique combination of knowledge within measurement technology. They easily navigate accuracy, resolution and all other specifications for meters, devices and other equipment. They help out selecting sensors for your product, or select instruments for testing your product. 


                • Mechanical measurement
                • Temperature and pressur
                • Flow and conductivit
                • Electronics and radio
                • Optics and laser
                • Nuclear Physic
                • Acoustics


                      • Mechanical and electrical
                      • Long duration and stress
                      • Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
                      • Inspection using camera or other optical sensors
                      • Flow, temperature, pressure and leakage
                      • Conductivity, humidity and many more…

Benefits with a Measurement Specialist

Quality Assurance

Relying on the measurements used for evaluation of your product is key. A measurement specialist guarantees that accuracy and repeatability are ensured.

Cost Efficiency

Making good decisions from the start is a general key to keeping costs down. A measurement specialist is your best choice for selecting instruments and sensors. 


Taking new innovations from ideas to reality requires knowledge and hands-on experiments. With our experience, we can adapt to a wide range of needs, being the glue between research and industry. 

What we at DVel do

Our measurement specialists work in two fields: product development and testing. When our customers develop products we help them select the best components. From understanding requirements and reading specifications to hands-on evaluation

When it comes to testing complex products, there is a lot to take into consideration. Our consultants have developed measurement methods for verification and validation in R&D and for quality assurance in production. Often we integrate off-the-shelf instruments already on the market, but don’t worry if there’s a need for a customized instrument. We develop new measurement concepts into system solutions consisting of sensors, customized electronics, and software. Our consultants are experts in data processing. Data is often collected at very high sampling rates, which demands knowledge on electrical interference, data retrieval and data storage.

We are flexible and can both work with you as a  part of your organization and  in a project assignment. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see how we can contribute to your innovation!


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