Internship at DVel

This summer, I had the opportunity to work for DVel. As the first job having anything to do with my education, it has been a very exciting month.

My name is Simon Susnjevic and I will start my third year on LTH studying electrical engineering.
During my time at DVel, my tasks has been very diverse. A big part of my tasks included completing a test fixture for PCB test. A very interesting task was to produce the plate where all the electronics were to sit in the fixture. I did this at a partner to DVel and I learned very much about special tools in their machine workshop. In addition to this, I worked with updating the website and completing some case studies.

Overall, as an employer, DVel has been fantastic. I had a very close communication with the people at DVel, including the CEO. I think this is because the company is very transparent; there are no hidden rules or secrets that employees can’t take part of. I felt well treated working here. Hopefully later this fall I will be doing a MSA (measurement system analysis) for one of DVel’s projects, as extra work along with my studies.

By Simon Susnjevic