Happy birthday DVel!

DVel is celebrating it’s first birthday, and what better present to give than it’s own blog. This will be a place for us to present what we do, who we are, what our friends do and who they are. Technical presentations will be mixed with personal introductions and other things we like.

We decided to write the blog in English. The rest of our website is currently in Swedish, but we thought that our blog entries could interest a greater community than our local. Also, one fourth of our company is non-Swedish, and although we speak Swedish to each other it may be easier to write in English rather than your third or fourth language.

So here it goes: Happy birthday DVel! It’s been a fantastic first year, a start for a company like a Le Mans race start. Everybody runs to their vehicles and starts driving as fast as they can. Within a few months we had grown from the three of us starting DVel to being six drivers, later in the year a seventh driver joined us and we are soon to be eight on the track. Everyone has been driving fast but steady without any skidding, most of us went for a pit stop during the summer, and another short break is coming up during the holidays.

Initially a lot of effort went into getting to learn the track, i.e. define what DVel was all about. We sat down for a number of night working out DVel’s core values:

  • Involvement
  • Competence
  • Openness
  • Cooperation

This is the foundation on which we build DVel, and we sincerely believe that this is a key factor for our future success and will form us to be a sound company that is fun to work at. So far we’ve been pretty good at that.

Stay tuned and you’ll find out more about DVel and what our second year will bring us. We’ll continue doing great things for great companies, some of our work will be published here in agreement with our customers. If you have any ideas or wishes for what we should write about, let us know.

Oh, and about discussions. The question about moderating comments or not, well to start with we’ll pre-moderate everything.

By Martin Peeker