We offer measurement specialists and test system developers to Medtech companies on-site as well as ready-made test rigs we develop and deliver to you.

Specialized consultants

We provide measurement specialists and developers of test systems or control systems that can be on-site. We help you with measurement expertise, data analysis or test system development.

Our consultants are skilled at requirement specification, evaluating and questioning what measurements need to be made. We can develop strategies for testing and design automatic test systems or measurement systems.

Test Rigs

We have developed several test rigs for testing components within Medtech. We offer complete solutions for measurement systems and rigs according to your needs. We have partners who provide mechanical and electrical solutions. We take responsibility for all areas from concepts to finalizing verified rigs that we deliver to you.

Regulatory requirements

We can meet the regulatory requirements within the industry and understand how it affects measurements on components. We understand the processes of validation and verification. Our consultants can work either at our office or on-site when delivering turnkey systems to be validated.