We offer help to IoT and telecom customers within test lead, developing automated testing systems and performing measurements.

Test lead hardware

Our test leads help you build your test department from scratch or make strategic changes to your test work. Our specialty is in hardware testing where physical measurements are performed as part of the tests. We have many years of experience working with the various types of tests in Telecom and know what requirements are imposed on a test department. We have learned from many other industries and use this knowledge to find the best solutions for you.

Automated tests for R&D and production

Several of our consultants have a background in measuring and automating tests from the telecom industry. Our expertise lies in building and maintaining test systems that will be used for many years. These systems need to be flexible, scalable and simple for many people to work with. We understand the importance of developing systems that can perform many measurements during a short time. This is essential to ensure that you can complete your product development in time, and when it goes into production where product flow is important.

Electronics measurements for test

DVel has developed measurement methods for testing radio circuits and other analog and digital circuits. We are used to working with the instruments used in telecom and integrating them into automated test systems. Our consultants understand and handle all the involved parts; develop measurement methods, define test cases, develop test systems, analyze data, manage labs, and build entire test departments.

Measurements for IoT solutions

Do you have an idea for an IoT product or want to enhance your current product with an IoT or IIoT solution, then you might run into measurement challenges. Our knowledge in several measurement techniques can surely help you!