Big Science

We offer support for experimental research and customized control systems for control and measurement within Big Science.

Support for experimental research

Do your research team need support on site when starting experiments at MAX IV and ESS. Several of our PhD physicians have many years of experience working with accelerators and setting up experiments. It can range from small projects to large ones. We can take responsibility for designing and developing complete experimental setups including both mechanical and electrical solutions. We have a large network of local partners for help in different areas. Our knowledge of communicating with different control systems, including systems written in TANGO and EPICS enables us to easily assist in communication between different systems. We are experts in LabVIEW and can support development and troubleshooting of automated parts and control of instruments in experimental settings. We have specialists in analyzing data in MATLAB. We can be a complete partner to make sure your experiments run on schedule.

Customized control systems for control or measurement

We have developed control systems for Big Science. These projects have included systems for an ion accelerator and an instrument prototype. In addition, we have designed and built several measurement systems for industry, telecom and startup companies. The knowledge we have gained over the years shows that such systems have a lot in common between different industries, which makes our experience in building systems for measurements valuable in Big Science.