IoT Measurements

IoT Measurements and Sensors

Do you have an IoT platform but run into trouble when you want to extend your sensing capabilities? Struggling to balance sensor performance with energy needs or cost? Problems handling large amounts of data in an efficient way? Let us help you!

DVel has built up a platform for IoT sensing that lets us rapidly realize prototypes to tackle your needs. One of our major strengths is that our platform enables us to pre-process and analyze the data locally in order to exclusively sort out and transmit relevant data.    

Knowing what to measure

You might have an idea for an innovation, but you are struggling with how to get started on implementing the measurement. As your partner we can assist you in making your ideas come true, not only for new products but also for improving conventional non-connected products as well as improving production processes. 

Choosing the right set of sensors

A wide variety of companies, large and small, are producing sensor solutions for the booming IoT market. It can be challenging to keep an overview over this rapidly moving field and to weigh the pros and cons of sensor accuracy, power consumption, ease of integration, form factor etc. Our consultants address these questions on a daily basis and will be happy to assist you!

Local data pre-processing

Are your IoT nodes wasting energy on transmitting large amount of irrelevant data? Or do you need to avoid transmitting raw data for the risk of eavesdropping or to ensure user privacy? DVel has an IoT sensor platform that can handle data processing locally at the IoT node. Only relevant data is extracted and data can be encoded or transformed in ways that will guarantee user integrity. 

Rapid prototyping

Our IoT sensor platform and skilled team of experienced engineers ensure that we can quickly integrate the sensors and data processing solutions that you need. The rapid prototyping cycle will let you swiftly try out a variety of concepts and stay ahead of the competition.





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