Control systems

We design and develop control systems where the requirements for flexibility are high or customized measurements should be integrated.

We provide specifications and help with everything from hardware selection, measurement and calculation methods to the delivery of complete systems.

A well-developed code base

The software in our control systems is based on a well-developed code base that allows us to quickly implement systems where the base of the code is already well tested.

The code base includes everything from common drivers, signal management, control algorithms, alarm management and parts of the user interface.

Hardware platform

Depending on requirements, we build systems either based on a PC or a real-time system. When real-time requirements are high, we can build our systems on National Instruments’ CompactRIO platform or Single-Board RIO, providing flexible systems with excellent performance.

Real-time systems often use a built-in FPGA for measurements, safety, or protocol implementation.

We have experience building systems on BeagleBone Black, Arduino and Mbed.

Sensors and measuring equipment

Control systems often have interfaces with sensors, instruments, cameras and the deviceto be tested.

We have ready-made drivers for many instruments and several years of experience in building new drivers for instruments with various interfaces and protocols. Built-in image processing or other custom-made real-time calculations can be part of a system.

Advanced systems

Our systems are designed to handle advanced applications when standard solutions are insufficient. With our knowledge in physics, control technology, electronics, mathematics, embedded systems and software architecture we are well suited for building systems with high complexity.