Three important factors for a successful measurement system project

On May 25:th DVel invited interested project managers and developers to a seminar on the subject “Three important factors for a successful measurement system project”. We were happy to hear that the attendees felt that they learned things and got ideas to think about for future projects.

​Thomas Johansson talked about the importance of a good requirement specifications. This is something that doesn’t only apply for measurement system project, but is a general step stone for a successful project. The question of what could happen if there is none or an incomplete specification, was answered. Thomas gave some examples on what is important to include in a specification, and what is not. The audience also got tips on how to get the good requirement specification in place before development is started.

Next Karin Hellqvist shared her view of what can go wrong if a project is just started, without being properly prepared. Karin argued that a pre-study is always a good idea, and that it is a good investment no matter the outcome. She gave examples of the different deliverables that can be included in a pre-study.

Karin also talked about the last of the three factors. When it comes to integrating different measurement hardware in an automated system, there are a lot of things to think about. Karin shared a lot of examples from her many years of experience working with hardware and software connections for automated system. She talked about what to avoid, but also about what is important to be aware of before making a decision on what hardware to use.

We will be writing more detailed blog posts on the different factors. So if you find this interesting, keep following our blog.

By Karin Hellqvist