Knowing your tools

Building test and measurement systems requires an engineer of many talents. Problems faced demand a broad system understanding skill set ranging from physics and mechanics through electronics to software engineering. All these different parts of a project can make use of a plethora of software tools that can help you. Knowing these tool helps us solve the problems our customers face.

LabVIEW Champion Roger Isaksson loves these tools and learns by creating technically challenging problems to apply them to. Recently he has wrapped his head around CAD and modelling tools. In this video of an inverted pendulum Roger uses SolidWorks Motion Assembly. In the assembly there is an inverted pendulum connected to a sled, which is controlled with a stepper motor. The SolidWorks Assembly stepper motor and two virtual sensors (sleigh position and pendulum angle) is then integrated with LabVIEW and NI SoftMotion. A control VI reads the data from the virtual sensors and generates stimuli to the stepper motor using the LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation toolkit.

The code can be found on the NI Developer Community

By Martin Peeker