Measurement specialist helping Swedish Medtech company

Baxter is a Medtech company developing, manufacturing, and commercializing state of the art dialytic machines. These machines have been fitted with different sensors with very high requirements on functionality, accuracy, and reliability.

Replace existing pressure sensors

In a project, Baxter wants to replace the existing pressure sensors in their product range. There should be two new general sensors, one for absolute measurements and another one for relative measurements. This modification to their products will reduce costs as well as simplify component tracking. However, replacing many different sensors customized for different products with two general ones is a challenge. For this purpose, a measurement specialist from DVel has been contracted.

Put together requirements

The different dialytic machines have different requirements on the sensors. This is partly due to the machines being developed at different times and by different people. To complete the project, reviewing all current specifications and communicating with Baxter employees is essential. The specialist’s detailed understanding of the sensor’s working principle in different environments, together with his ability to work independently, resulted in a good requirement specification.

Evaluate supplier’s sensor

The sensor performance and interoperability were evaluated from sensor specifications. The sensors which fulfilled the set requirements were then tested. For this purpose, different test rigs at Baxter were used as well as standalone instruments. The set of tests evaluated the sensors in usability and performance.

Measurement data analysis using MATLAB

Automated data analysis was developed using MATLAB. Old data analysis tools made in Excel was replaced by more flexible, easier to use, and better documented tools. The data was then presented in reports in an accessible way to simplify stakeholder’s decision-making process.

Baxter now has the knowledge

DVel’s work evaluating pressure sensors has given Baxter all the knowledge they need to choose a supplier for their sensors. Having two general sensors for all products will reduce their costs in many ways. They can order more from a single supplier, pressuring the prices. This modification will also simplify the internal production process and the work of the service technicians.

Continued trust for DVel’s services

Besides the pressure sensors, temperature sensors have been investigated in the same way by the same measurement specialist. Baxter has turned to DVel several times after this assignment started to get more help with similar challenges. Assignments like this require deep knowledge of measurement techniques, data analysis and in this case also MATLAB. In combination with this an organised way of working, good communication skills and an ability to find the root cause of problems is a good set of personal qualities for solving this type of investigating tasks. DVel’s set of specialists in many different measurement areas are capable of accomplishing these needs.