Hardware Connected 2016

The Öresund region is experiencing a boom in start-ups. Many of these develop hardware, and to encourage sharing of knowledge between these companies, Malmö Startup (a startup incubator) hosts a reoccurring event called Hardware Connected. This year it was held on May 23rd at Stapeln, a venue that used to be part of the large shipyards Malmö once had. The event is characterised by a familiar and laid-back feeling and is a great opportunity to get introduced to the Öresund hardware start-up scene.

This time DVel’s Martin Peeker had the honour of keeping the keynote talk, telling the audience what they already knew: Skåne is the best place in the world for hardware development. Now Martin is not from Skåne (which he demonstrated by wearing a Stockholm team football jersey), nor does he develop hardware so he felt entitled to tell the audience why this is the case without boasting. In conclusion, a combination of world class competence, great ideas and embracing risk makes our region such a splendid place to be for hardware developers.

Among the many exhibitors, DVel had a booth with a few demo:s. One was the RIOimu , a product that interfaces with a National Instruments sbRIO to create a high performance Inertial Measurement Unit. Another one, since beer was served, was a customer project together with Servotek; the instant and contact free breathalyzer (read more about it here). We had many interesting and exciting meetings and will surely be there next time around.

​By Martin Peeker