Boosting the Educational Level – Three new PhDs to DVel

From the start, DVel has been a company with a high level of education among its consultants. Most of us held a Master of Science in something technical, like physics, electrical engineering or computer science.

Well, that has changed. The new norm is Doctors!

Right, no, you don’t have to be a PhD to work at DVel, it’s more important that you have a thorough understanding of test and measurement systems and that you get stuff done. However, as it happens this spring we have been able to recruit no less than three PhD’s.

Christoph Knappe has loads of experience with developing measurement systems using optical diagnostics. Christoph came to Sweden from Germany in 2008 with a MSc in physics in his bag and pursued to a PhD in technical engineering at Lund University.

He has built measurement systems based on LabVIEW and Matlab, many of them based around optical techniques.

Thomas Johansson has a strong background from several fields such as programming, optics, physics, chemistry and electronics. He has a PhD in physics from Lund University, deep knowledge in Matlab and ZPL and has been working with LabVIEW since 1997. For the last ten years, he’s been working with both start-ups and larger companies, applying his expertise to develop state of the art measurement techniques.

Rikard Wellander is also an expert in optical measurement techniques. He is skilled at designing and building experimental setups and has vast experience in the analysis of recorded data. He holds a PhD in physics from Lund University and has done a lot of work with LabVIEW and Matlab.

They are all up to speed at DVel, developing sensors, controlling ion guns and building various test systems. Stuff we normally do, but now with a slight touch of academia.

By Martin Peeker